Winter Album - The Where? Зимний альбом
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The Where? — Winter Album

Winter Album The Where?
The Where
Winter Album
Progressive Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Post-rock / Darkwave
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An attempt to comprehend in symbols a Donbass town's cultural and historic area and transformations of this area, which are reflections of the epoch collisions, philosophic and ideological as well as social and political.

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Ruslan Goncharov
All the texts except 2 (Venia D’rkin) and 12 (A. Niepomniashchi); 8 – based on the story «The Main Book» by Y. Shevchenko.
Music (in co-authorship with Y. Shevchenko): 3, 9.
Vocals: 3, 9, 12.

Yuri Shevchenko
All the music except 2 (Venia D’rkin) and 12 (A. Niepomniashchi); 3 and 9 in co-authorship with R. Goncharov.
Arrangemets, sequencer.
All vocals except 3, 9, 12.
Vocal recording.
Photo take and cover makeup.

Anton Biessonov
Guitar, bass.
Production and mastering engineering.

The album is recorded and engineered in the places of Novoluganskoye, Yenakiyevo and Gorlovka during time from March to November of 2014.

Special thanks to Dina Galuzo for the help in vocal training (3, 9, 12).